ARCA 88,1

Design RDAI

88,1% recycled materials

Made in Italy.


Arca is a travertine console. It is made of UHPS ©, a technology used for shaping stone.

Arca comes in three sizes.

“The Arca console is a simple tray mounted on a base. Subtle and economical, its design plays with architectural archetypes such as the arch or architrave, but adds a dose of surprise. It is made of a single material: the remains of travertine stone. The thin tray and base in crimped stone are an original look at the use of stone in furniture.”



ARCA is available from € 12,528



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Due to the nature of the materials we use, each piece of furniture will have its own unique character, with slight variations of color or tint.


Recycled Materials

Material Weight Recycling Percentage Origin
stone 35,7 Kg 100% It
concrete 6 Kg 30% It
screw/patina/wire 0,5 Kg 0% It
paint/glue 0,05 Kg 0% It
Total 6 Kg
Dimension Width Height Depth
small 500 mm 1100 mm 400 mm
medium 1200 mm 900 mm 400 mm
large 1500 mm 900 mm 400 mm