Born in France in 1968, Denis Montel is a graduate of the Paris-La-Défense school of architecture. His first years of experience were transdisciplinary. He collaborated for ten years with architecture, interior architecture, landscape, scenography and strategic design agencies. Denis joined Rena Dumas in 1999 and was responsible for the major projects of the RDAI agency. In 2007, they founded RDAIArchitecture. On the death of Rena Dumas in 2009, he became managing director and artistic director of the two agencies RDAI and RDAI-architecture. Teaching at ENSAD for two years and speaking in architecture schools, he is regularly invited to international conferences. Julia Capp is Australian. She graduated from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, in architecture and design. She also holds an MBA from the French Fashion Institute in Paris.

Julia worked for a few years in London and then in Hong Kong and Shanghai where she developed projects for hotels, clubs and residential programs. In 1998, Julia joined RDAI to coordinate architectural projects at a time when the agency was expanding rapidly internationally. In 2006, she set up the agency's design department. In 2018, Julia was appointed branch manager, with RDAI, Denis and Julia transcending the boundaries between architecture, interior architecture and design, carrying out work guided by a holistic approach. Attentive to contexts and uses, their achievements are transversal, coherent and contemporary. They are freed from the superfluous to favor the essential, the fruit of an approach that is both intuitive and conceptual.

Among their references:

Architecture: Beautiful Journey Tower, Taiwan, 2021. Cité des métiers Hermès, Pantin - Prix de l'Equerre d 'argent 2014.Hermès Rive Gauche, Paris, 2010. Maison Hermès Dosan Park, Seoul, 2006.

Interior architecture: Eighty Seven Park, Miami, 2019. SohoTower, NewYork, 2019. Les Bains, Paris, 2015.

Design: False-twins mirror, 2017. Surface and Volume, 2012. (Tables) Iliane, 2010. (Collection of stainless steel cutlery) Lydée, 2008 (VerresetCarafe)


For NOMA, RDAI has developed “ Arca 91.6 ”, a stone console, made from unusable quarry blocks.




ARCA Collection