93,7% recycled materials

Made in France and Belgium


Sen is a stackable chair. It has two recycled plastic shells of stained beechwood on a framework of recycled steel wire.

“The Sen chair is a metal cord strung like a branch on which sits a wooden leaf. It has been carefully worked to afford the maximum in both comfort and good posture.”

A+A Cooren



SEN is available from € 370


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Due to the nature of the materials we use, each piece of furniture will have its own unique character, with slight variations of color or tint.


Recycled Materials

Material Weight Recycling Percentage Origin
plastic 1,7 Kg 100% UK
steel 4,75 Kg 95% Fr/It
screw/patina/wire 0,1 Kg 0% Eu
paint/glue 0,05 Kg 0% Eu
Total 0 Kg
Dimension Width Height Depth
unique 535 mm 760 mm 580 mm