74,9% recycled materials

Made in France

Plast is a stool.

It links traditional woodworking knowhow with new (noble) materials. It is made of recycled plastic, with legs of walnut or beech.

“Plast is a UFO (Unidentified Furniture Object) in molded, recycled plastic. It’s like the piece of a puzzle that you can multiply and assemble; it’s a seat, part of a sofa or a low table - all at the same time. Its organic legs give it elegance and contrast with a rougher-hewn seat.”

Martino Gamper



PLAST : price on demand


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Due to the nature of the materials we use, each piece of furniture will have its own unique character, with slight variations of color or tint.


Recycled Materials

Material Weight Recycling Percentage Origin
plastic 4,4 Kg 100% UK
wood 1,4 Kg 0% Fr
screw/patina/wire 0,03 Kg 0% Eu
paint/glue 0,05 Kg 0% Eu
Total 0 Kg
Dimension Width Height Depth
unique 400 mm 430 mm 400 mm