Plast is a stool.

It links traditional woodworking knowhow with new (noble) materials. It is made of recycled plastic, with legs of walnut or beech.

“Plast is a UFO (Unidentified Furniture Object) in molded, recycled plastic. It’s like the piece of a puzzle that you can multiply and assemble; it’s a seat, part of a sofa or a low table - all at the same time. Its organic legs give it elegance and contrast with a rougher-hewn seat.”

Martino Gamper

Made in France and UK.


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Due to the nature of the materials we use, each piece of furniture will have its own unique character, with slight variations of color or tint.


PLAST : price on demand

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Recycled Materials

Material Weight Recycling Percentage Origin
plastic 4,4 Kg 100% UK
wood 1,4 Kg 0% Fr
screw/patina/wire 0,03 Kg 0% Eu
paint/glue 0,05 Kg 0% Eu
Total 0 Kg
Dimension Width Height Depth
unique 400 mm 430 mm 400 mm